Toshiaki Masumori

増森 聡明

Jagu'e'r Evangelist

Jagu'e'r Evangelist



Jagu’e’r Evangelist and Jagu’e’r Leader. Jagu’e’r stands for ‘Japan Google Cloud User-Group for Enterprise’, where he is recognized as a life-changer with his interactions. Currently he works in Sysmex Corporation.

Jagu’e’rエバンジェリスト、Jagu’e’rリーダー。Jagu’e’rは「Japan Google Cloud User-Group for Enterprise」の略で、その交流で人生を変える存在として認知されている。現在、シスメックス株式会社に勤務。

Interview with Toshiaki Masumori

増森 聡明さんとのインタビュー

Career Building with a Cloud Enterprise Community, introduced by Jagu'e'r Evangelists Jagu'e'rエバンジェリストが紹介するクラウドエンタープライズコミュニティでキャリアを築く

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Jagu’e’r Evangelists talk about ‘Community and Career’. Some may think that volunteer community activities are irrelevant to building your careers. However actually they do!

Jagu’e’r has grown up a huge cloud user-group within 2 years, which was founded in 2020 under the COVID. Due to the infection, initial members are forced to talk only online, and some may think the situation would not work well for kicking off new communities, However, as of December 2022, Jagu’e’r has about 2,000 members. One of the reasons for its rapid growth will be proactively engaged members in the community. Why are such enthusiastic members involved? What motivates them? How to keep innovating the community? Here we have an answer for it: Community Evangelists.

Jagu’e’r エバンジェリストが語る「コミュニティとキャリア」。地域社会でのボランティア活動は、キャリア形成に関係ないと思われる方もいらっしゃるかもしれません。しかし、実はそうなのです。