Takuo Suzuki

鈴木 拓生

Developer Relations Program Manager

Developer Relations Program Manager

Google Japan

Google Japan

Since 2012, he has been investing in startups and incubation projects in Silicon Valley. Currently, he is a member of Google’s Developer Relations team, helping to improve the ecosystem of developers and startups.

メディア系企業にて、社外のデベロッパーと恊働するプロジェクト等を担当し、 2012 年からはシリコンバレーのスタートアップやインキュベーションに対しての投資も担当。現在は Google の Developer Relationsチームでデベロッパーやスタートアップのエコシステムの向上を支援

Interview with Takuo Suzuki

鈴木 拓生さんとのインタビュー

Developer Ecosystem in Japan Developer Ecosystem in Japan

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In this session, I will share my experiences working as a DevRel on how the Japanese developer ecosystem has evolved over the past decade and how it is unique compared to other countries.