Muhammed Salih Guler

Muhammed Salih Guler

Senior Developer Advocate

Senior Developer Advocate

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Salih is a Berlin based Senior Developer Advocate at AWS Amplify specialized in advocating for Android and Flutter applications. He is a Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart. He likes sharing his knowledge with the people by mentoring aspiring developers, blogging and talking at conferences.

Salihはベルリンを拠点とするAWS AmplifyのSenior Developer Advocateで、AndroidとFlutterアプリケーションのアドボカシーに特化しています。彼はFlutterとDartのGoogle Developer Expertです。彼は、意欲的な開発者を指導したり、ブログを書いたり、カンファレンスで話したりして、自分の知識を人々と共有するのが好きです。

Interview with Muhammed Salih Guler

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Underengineering Contents: Creating Content For Everyone Underengineering Contents:みんなのためのコンテンツづくり

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The session’s overall story will be built around the following:

Underengineering Contents: Creating Content For Everyone


As an engineer of almost 10 years, I have seen many folks creating content for different levels. At the last 5 years of my career, I was part of many different communities. I heard many pain points of the community members and most of them gathered around the same topic. Contents.

People created content that are not familiar to their audiences. They either failed to create their content to be inclusive or they did not deliver their message to their audience properly.


When I created content I created a set of checklist to be sent to the developers with different levels of field and technology experience. Added common solutions to the problems that any of them might encounter and put the content to a roll out system to get more feedback


Underengineering Contents: みんなのためのコンテンツ作り