Julia Biro

Julia Biro

Head of Developer Relations

Head of Developer Relations



Head of Developer Relations at Infobip by day, half of Developer Avocados Weekly by night. Julia deeply cares about developer communities and building a great developer experience from the ground up. She is passionate about creating a DevRel team and strategy that best serves their developer communities.

昼間はInfobipのデベロッパーリレーションズのヘッド、夜はDeveloper Avocados Weeklyのハーフ。 ジュリアは、開発者コミュニティと、優れた開発者エクスペリエンスをゼロから構築することに深い関心を寄せています。彼女は、開発者コミュニティに最適なDevRelチームと戦略を構築することに情熱を注いでいます。

Interview with Julia Biro

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Maslow’s Pyramid of Developer Needs マズローの開発者欲求のピラミッド

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In this session, we’ll start with placing developers front and centre. We’ll look at what their needs are when interacting with a developer product, then arrange these needs in a hierarchical order following Maslow’s pyramid as a template. As a result, we’ll have a clear overview of the most important aspects that influence a product’s developer experience.

Next, we’ll do a deep dive into all activities that can fall under the responsibility of a DevRel team. We’ve seen the traditional breakdown of DevRel efforts into developer experience, education, community and outreach—recently, even developer success. This time, we’ll dig a level deeper and look at all underlying components of these, then evaluate how they stack up against our pyramid of developer needs.

By the end of the session, the audience will have a clear understanding of how each DevRel activity and initiative plays into serving specific developer needs. They will feel empowered to make informed decisions on where their effort is best spent and what to focus on given limited resources.

We’ll close the session by leveraging the clarity we just gained to set clear objectives that tie both into company-level goals and our developer community’s needs. This way, we can ensure the success and longevity of our DevRel programs by meeting both business and developer needs.