Harshil Agrawal

Harshil Agrawal

Developer Advocate

Developer Advocate



Working in the Developer Relations team at Contentful, Harshil enjoys sharing his learnings with the community. A JavaScript developer, open-source contributor, and a low-code enthusiast, Harshil loves experimenting with tech and building small projects.

Contentfulのデベロッパーリレーションズチームで働くHarshilは、自分の学んだことをコミュニティと共有することを楽しんでいます。JavaScript 開発者、オープンソース貢献者、ローコード愛好家であり、技術的な実験や小さなプロジェクトを構築することが大好きです。

Interview with Harshil Agrawal

Harshil Agrawalさんとのインタビュー

Employer Branding 101: Developer Advocate Edition 採用ブランディング101:デベロッパー・アドボケート編

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Developer Advocates become the voice of the company for the developer community. They represent the company at events, podcasts, live streams, etc. This representation not only helps with product outreach but also helps with employer branding. Being the face of the company, we the folks in Developer Relations, also need to wear the hat for employer branding.

In this talk, I’ll be sharing how my team and I are collaborating with other departments within the company to elevate our employer branding. I’ll share the initiatives we are involved in, the goals, and the results.

The talk will have the following outline:

  • Introduction
  • What is employer branding and its importance (especially for startups)
  • How does DevRel fit in employer branding?
  • Initiatives my team and I are involved in
  • The goals
  • Results
  • Examples of other initiatives you can do
  • Actions you can take right now
  • Conclusion




  • はじめに
  • 採用ブランディングとは何か、その重要性(特にスタートアップ企業にとって)
  • DevRelはエンプロイヤーブランディングの中でどのような位置づけなのか?
  • 私のチームと私が関わっている取り組み
  • 目標
  • 成果
  • 他にできる取り組みの例
  • 今すぐできること
  • まとめ