Cheuk Ting Ho

Cheuk Ting Ho

Developer Advocate

Developer Advocate



After having a career in data science, Cheuk brought her knowledge of data and passion for the tech community as one of the first developer advocates for Anaconda. Cheuk has been speaking at multiple events per month. Cheuk also organises events which provide free data science education and encourage diverse contributions to open-source.


Interview with Cheuk Ting Ho

Cheuk Ting Hoさんとのインタビュー

What’s wrong with Hacktoberfest Hacktoberfestの問題点

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In this talk, we will briefly introduce Hactoberfest, though not much introduction is needed as it is a well-known event. We will go through some fun facts and the history of Hacktoberfest fest and how it goes from 700 participants to more than 100,000. Then, we will go from why it is good for the open source community and from both the perspective of the contributors and the maintainers.

After that, we will have a switch of tones and looks at the fact that what happened in recent years that problems starts to appear. There are massive numbers of contributions and some of them is not meeting the need of the projects. To put it simply, there are a large number of “low-quality PRs” - e.g. meaning less fixing of wordings, formatting etc. Then we are going to explore various solutions, those that the organisers used in the past and the ones that I would like to suggest.

This talk is for anyone that cares about open-source contributions and would like to have a healthier community within the open-source ecosystem.

Outline (20 mins total)

  • Introduction of Hacktoberfest - history and fun facts (5 mins)
  • Why we loved it and why it was a good idea (5 mins)
  • Problem arises and how we tried to fix it (5 mins)
  • Conclusion, discussion, Q&A (5 mins)




概要 (合計20分)

  • Hacktoberfest の紹介 - 歴史と楽しい事実 (5分)
  • なぜ私たちはそれが好きなのか、なぜそれが良いアイデアなのか(5分)
  • 問題が発生し、それをどのように解決しようとしたか (5分)
  • 結論、議論、質疑応答 (5分)