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Aditya Oberai

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Developer Advocate



Aditya Oberai is a Developer Advocate at Appwrite and an avid tech community and hackathon enthusiast. Having worked with various technologies such as .NET, Microsoft Azure, etc., he has spent the last 3 years empowering student and tech communities and is currently active as a Microsoft MVP and Twilio Champion.

Aditya was awarded the Azure Heroes “Community Hero” and “AI Ambassador” Digital Badgers by Microsoft and is a member of the .NET Foundation. He was the National Winner in the Education category at Microsoft Imagine Cup 2021 India Chapter and has been named among Major League Hacking’s Top 50 hackers of 2021. Aditya co-organized (arguably) the largest student-led digital hackathon in India, HackOn 2.0. He currently contributes as a Developer Evangelist/Advocate Advisory Board member at DevNetwork.

Aditya OberaiはAppwriteのDeveloper Advocateであり、熱心な技術コミュニティとハッカソンの愛好家です。.NET、Microsoft Azureなど様々な技術に携わり、過去3年間は学生や技術コミュニティに力を与え、現在はMicrosoft MVPおよびTwilio Championとして活動しています。

Adityaは、MicrosoftからAzure Heroesの「Community Hero」と「AI Ambassador」のDigital Badgersを授与され、.NET Foundationのメンバーでもあります。Microsoft Imagine Cup 2021 India Chapter の教育部門で国内優勝し、Major League Hacking の 2021 年のトップ 50 ハッカーに選ばれています。インド最大の学生主導のデジタルハッカソン「HackOn 2.0」を共同主催。現在、DevNetworkのデベロッパーエバンジェリスト/アドボケートアドバイザリーボードメンバーとして貢献しています。

Interview with Aditya Oberai

Aditya Oberaiさんとのインタビュー

How Can DevRel Enable Engineering? DevRelはどのようにエンジニアリングを可能にするのか?

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This session aims to understand the relationship between Engineering and Developer Relations teams, specifically from the perspective of DevRel teams. Therefore, in this talk, we’ll be discussing the following topics primarily:

  • Can DevRel and Engineering overlap? (whether there are any shared responsibilities or not)
  • Where does DevRel assist Engineering work? (which common areas DevRel teams can contribute to and how)
    • Software Development
    • Documentation Writing
    • Software Testing and Feedback
    • Technical Support

The intended outcome of the session will be to show that DevRel teams help make the product ecosystem more developer-friendly, Engineering teams directly serve the needs of the developer audience, and these are complementary responsibilities.


  • DevRelとエンジニアリングはオーバーラップできるか(責任の共有があるかどうか)
  • DevRelがエンジニアリングの仕事を支援するのはどこなのか?(DevRelチームが貢献できる共通の領域とその方法)。
    • ソフトウェア開発
    • ドキュメンテーションの作成
    • ソフトウェアのテストとフィードバック
    • 技術サポート