Jaime Lopez Jr

Jaime Lopez Jr

Manager of Developer Relations

Manager of Developer Relations

Jack Henry

Jack Henry

Jaime manages a Developer Relations team working on open banking APIs at Jack Henry & Associates. Prior to becoming an advocate, he led multiple software development teams throughout his career. Jaime is also a co-host of the More Than Just Code podcast. He often enjoys a nice cup of coffee and conversation on various topics.

Jack Henry & Associatesで、オープンバンキングAPIに取り組むデベロッパーリレーションズチームを統括しています。提唱者になる前は、キャリアを通じて複数のソフトウェア開発チームを率いていました。また、More Than Just Codeポッドキャストの共同司会者でもあります。また、More Than Just Codeポッドキャストの共同司会者でもあり、おいしいコーヒーとさまざまなトピックについての会話を楽しんでいます。

Interview with Jaime Lopez Jr

Jaime Lopez Jrさんとのインタビュー

Explain the Value of DevRel by Writing Narratives 物語を書くことで、DevRelの価値を説明する

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Do you spend a lot of time tracking and explaining KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), and other metrics?

Do you wonder if they’re communicating your team’s value?

Or even worse, do you worry that your team’s contributions are being overlooked?

This session comes from my experience in writing narratives to explain the value of DevRel. This has helped DevRel at my company to grow from a single individual to a team of three. This has also helped avoid workforce reductions due to the economy.

KPI(Key Performance Indicator)やOKR(Objectives and Key Results)などの指標を追跡し、説明するのに多くの時間を費やしていませんか?