DevRelCon Yokohama 2023 - Where is Yokohama?

Hi, This is Daizen (@neri78) from DevRelCon Yokohama 2023 Organizers.

As we’ve been announcing wonderful speakers, you are considering to attend the conference, but may ask yourself.

“I want to attend the DevRelCon, but this is my first time to visit Yokohama. How do I get there? Where should I stay when I go to that city? Is there something special in there?”

No worries, I am going to write a series of posts to introduce the city. You can learn about transportations from airports, recommended hotels, and exciting places to visit during your stay in the city. I hope this series would help you to be prepared for the exciting moments.

Everything you should know is here…

First, if you are the first time to come to Yokohama, the following external site would be super useful.

I will be referencing information from this resource most of the time.

Which airport should I use?

Okay, you’ve decided to attend, and would want to book your flight and the hotel. It appears there are 2 airports close to Yokohama. One is the Narita International Airport (NRT), the other one is the Tokyo International Airport known as Haneda International Airport (HND). Now, you’re asking yourself which airport you should use.

Either one is fine, depending on the airline you choose. You can take a limousine bus or trains from those airports to Yokohama with no problem.

From Haneda Airport to Yokohama Station

source: Travel To Yokohama

From Narita Airport to Yokohama Station

source: Travel To Yokohama

My personal recommendation is the Haneda International Airport (HND) if possible. The Haneda airport is closer to Yokohama than the Narita, and it is easy for you to take trains.

You can also find the train map, and other useful links here.

Which hotels should I stay?

I will write my recommendations in the next post, though, You may want to confirm the location of the venue first.

Vision center Yokohama is located at North West of Yokohama Station, and 5 minutes walk, so ultimately you can choose any hotels nearby the Yokohama Station. If you would like to stay close to the venue, I would recommend to search hotels around the venue. You can see the list in the page below:

In the next post, I will be providing a brief list of hotels that you can stay. You are also welcome to select your hotels you like.

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